Interview with Liza Torrence - Director

The stylish. creative, and hilarious Liza Torrence is one of our theatre's most beloved directors. Her casts and all the people she has worked with can attest to her professionalism, care, and great sense of humor as a director. Liza, however, didn't start her time with Corn as a director. " I auditioned for a St. Pattys show in 2016 and completely forgot my monologue and didn’t get into the show, but they used a couple of my sketches I submitted... it was really cool seeing my work acted out onstage and they performed them better than I imagined. The show after that, l stage managed, and after that I made my acting debut on stage in 2017." says Liza when asked about her first days at Corn. Not long after her acting debut, she became a company member and started to further explore her interest in directing she first found in college.

"I love directing because it’s another form of expression and realizing someone else’s work. As an actor, I can portray a character and tell their story how I see and perceive it, but as a director I get to take everyone’s individual perceptions and make them into one big story out of my vision." says Liza. You can see her passion in the shows she directs. The most recent show she directed at Corn Happy Holly-Daze: A Drinking Game Performance was flawlessly put together into a retro, festive, hilarious, and dare-I-say corny style only Liza could pull off. She's humble, however, stating " there are times I’m directing a show and an actor will make a choice or make a connection in the script that I didn’t think of and it’s a brilliant." Liza puts an importance on collaboration as a part of her process. Her casts rave about working with her saying "[Liza] gave us a lot of creative freedom while still maintaining the end product she was hoping to achieve" and "Liza gave us a safe space to try all our ideas... she always harvested a positive environment."

We're so happy to have Liza as part of our team! Look out for what she does in the future.


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