Interview with Heather Meyer - Artistic Director

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

If you’ve ever had the fortune to work with Heather Meyer, Corn Productions’ new Artistic Director, you know the bright optimism and creative energy she brings to every project she works on. “I’m thrilled to be in a position to make a lot of changes. I will be a champion for Corn. I believe in this place, its’ people, and the entertainment we provide to the Chicago community” she states when asked why she accepted a leadership position at Corn. Corn has been making original plays and comedy shows since the 90’s, however, Heather believes the company has arrived at a “transitional period.”

“Corn was very ‘brash’ as the old mission statement put it… Comedy is changing and what worked in the past won’t necessarily work in the future,” says Heather. Corn has seen many ups and downs during its’ history, as many storefront theaters do, but Heather remains optimistic about Corn’s future. “It’s still going to be Corn, just a more refined version… we’re elevating comedy to meet the times” she states. It’s true, comedy has changed a lot since the 90’s and Heather is just the person to bring Corn up to speed. Some of her goals are to focus on original plays, to reach more of the greater Chicago community, and to diversify the company and its’ materials. These are some lofty goals, but Heather truly believes she has put together a group of artists that are worthy and capable of such goals.

“The people that make up Corn are just wonderful and genuine… we’re all weird in our own little ways and we all embrace that together.” Heather lights up whenever she talks about her team of Corn company members, which is comprised of actors, directors, writers, and technicians. The collaborative and supportive community of artists is what Heather fell in love with when she acted in her first show at Corn over three years ago. “It’s a place where you can feel free to take risks” she says as she reminisces about her first show “Spiderman the Musical: The Musical.” Corn’s tradition of risk taking is one she’s passionate about and wants to continue.

“New and original works… that’s where we shine” says Heather when asked about what makes Corn special. With over 160 original shows it’s hard to deny the Corn specialty. Heather most recently wrote and directed “Nightmares on Lincoln Avenue: Slasher High” which sold-out multiple nights and ended up being one of the most successful Corn shows of 2019. When asked about the upcoming 2020 Corn season, Heather responded “Next season is going to be focused on the people of Corn… new works and ideas that have not been seen at Corn before. We’re expanding our boundaries and branching out… playing outside the box.” She envisions a theatre where “you can come in the space and be completely immersed in an experience from beginning to end.” Taking on the position of Artistic Director is a huge responsibility, but everyone at Corn is confident that Heather is just the person to bring about positive change while maintaining all the unique qualities that make Corn, Corn.


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